Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Tool to auto-generate equals(), hashCode(), toString() and
compareTo() from within Eclipse.


Eclipse Galileo has this functionality in the Source menu, but when I
tried to use it, it got an error due to trying to call the super()
method of the abstract parent class.

Friday, September 25, 2009


I just discovered this tool AppFuse. You enter one command and it
creates a whole project skeleton for you. Rails and Grails can do
this but AppFuse can do more than one kind of project.

JBoss Drools

I've spent the last week immersing myself in JBoss Drools.
Superficially it's a lot like ILOG (now IBM) JRules, but
Drools has more of a sparse, lightweight feel with every
feature well thought out and well integrated.
By comparison ILOG was like this mountain of opaque
and inaccessible software.
Another advantage of Drools is it's opening doors
to other open source tools like Maven, GWT and
AppFuse, and of course all the other JBoss stuff.
I've also learned a few things about Eclipse I didn't know.
ILOG helped a little in this regard getting me
started with JSF but other than that it didn't really
take me anywhere.